Sexual Health Peer Resources Center (Annual Grant and Special Fee Group)

Special Fee type Undergraduate Annual Grant
Total request amount $56,850.00
Previous Special Fee amount $72,350.00
Change from previous request -21%
Amount per Undergrad $8.15 per year
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Special Fee request sponsor
Winston Chen,

Group statement

The Stanford Sexual Health Peer Resource Center (SHPRC), is a completely student-run organization that provides safer sex supplies and information, sex toys, and sexual health counseling.

Our mission is to promote sexual health, sex positivity, and healthy relationships across campus, both through our center and through community outreach.

Our services include: - Counseling: The SHPRC offers private peer counseling to the Stanford community on sexual health topics, including contraception, safer sex practices, gender and sexuality, pregnancy etc. Counsels may also include referring counselees to other relevant resources, both on- and off-campus. All counsels are private, meaning that information shared between the counselee and counselor are kept confidential under all circumstances except in cases where mandatory reporting laws apply. - Products: The SHPRC offers a variety of sexual health products, such as barrier methods, lubricant, and toys to enhance pleasure at a subsidized price. Because SHPRC receives funding from Annual Grants, every undergraduate and coterm student receives a quarterly $3.00 credit, which expires at the end of every quarter. Students can also purchase items with cash. - Library: The SHPRC has a diverse selection of literary materials relevant to sexual health, gender, sexuality, and healthy relationships. Students are welcome to peruse our selection at the center, or check out books (free-of-charge) for up to 2 weeks. - Community Outreach: We perform regular educational outreaches on sexual health topics to the Stanford community in the form of informational and interactive talks at residences/community centers and by tabling and flyering at events to promote the organization. Some of our outreach topics include: safer sex methods, contraception, safe pleasure, and more! - Sex Week: Every Spring quarter, SHPRC organizes and presents a week of events pertaining to sexual health, gender, sexuality, and/or healthy relationships, such as guest speakers, workshops, etc. Honorarium for Sex Week is our largest line item in our budget, as we invite many big speakers to campus in order to talk about sexual health. All of our Sex Week events are free and open to the Stanford community (note: some of our events are 18+). - EDUC193S: Peer Counseling on Comprehensive Sexual Health: SHPRC provides a 1-unit class, offered every quarter, and primarily instructed by two members of the SHPRC core staff (EDUC193S Teaching Assistants). Students who take this class will learn about sexual health, gender, sexuality, and healthy relationships, and how to counsel at the SHPRC. This course is open to all Stanford students, regardless of whether they want to be a SHPRC counselor!

The SHPRC is one of the longest-standing student groups at Stanford. We have been continuously dedicated to educating the Stanford community about sexual health and promoting safer sex and sex positivity. Our group is constantly growing (and constantly looking for new counselors!), and we rely wholeheartedly on the financial support of the students, via Annual Grants. Thank you so much for supporting our organization, and stop by our center on the 2nd floor of Vaden! We are open from Monday-Thursday from 12-6PM and on Fridays from 12-5PM. Thank you!

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