Leland Stanford Junior University Marching Band (Annual Grant and Special Fee Group)

Special Fee type Undergraduate Annual Grant
Total request amount $96,700.00
Previous Special Fee amount $96,930.00
Change from previous request 0%
Amount per Undergrad $13.86 per year
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Special Fee request sponsor
Katherine Hufker, khufker@stanford.edu

Group statement

The band is an indispensable part of student life on campus. The Band greets students when they first arrive on campus during admit weekend and NSO and bids them farewell when they leave during Commencement. In between, Band attempts to increase school spirit and boost campus morale by playing at a multitude of sports events, campus events, and just for fun. Band is also active in the larger Bay Area community, performing at events ranging from the Special Olympics to the AIDS Walk to children’s birthday parties. Any student is welcome to join-- just come to the Band Shak any Monday at 7PM. If you don’t know how to play an instrument, we’ll teach you! To complete our mission, we need money for supplies, maintenance costs, instruments and other expenses.

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