18+ (Rising Seniors Class President slate)

Kojo Worai Osei
Sharyn Lee
Petra Grutzik
Antonio Aguilar
Slate statement

Dear Class of 2018,

We can’t wait for senior year—to celebrate that we’ve made it this far and get ready for our next adventure, whatever that may be. Off to San Francisco? Wisconsin? Shanghai? Grad Student Housing?

We believe in the Senior Class Presidency’s role in making this year memorable and edifying. We aspire to work towards rallying the class together through Senior Nights, speaker series, out-there events, senior-year spins on freshman-year classics like Faculty Dinner and Major Night and much, much more.

But we also care deeply that this office reaches across the diverse communities we are a part of and truly brings our many voices into the fold. As a slate with experience in cabinet but also fully new perspectives and insights into who we are as a class, we think we’re uniquely positioned to listen carefully and thoughtfully. To this end, we will update the process by which our cabinet is selected to make for a more representative and accessible governance.

We’re excited to put together Senior Class programming for as wide of an audience as we possibly can. We want to connect you to Stanford’s many resources, the most crucial of which is other people. We want to help you feel prepared for the years beyond eighteen, whether that’s through learning together what a W4 form is, getting well acquainted with bars across the bay, squeezing every last drop of value out of Stanford or something else altogether. We’ll listen—this slate is 18+you.


Sharyn, Petra, Kojo and Antonio

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